About Me

Taylor KarpelesMy name is Taylor Karpeles. I grew up in and around Chicago and have also spent a fair amount of time traveling overseas, often to impoverished and struggling nations. I service doula clients in the Chicago area, throughout the States, and also internationally. My passion is to empower women, particularly when it comes to their birthing experience. I believe that birth is a completely natural, incredible, and beautiful event – and I coach women on how to enjoy and embrace their births, rather than run from them or merely get through them.

Why I Became a Doula

I’m the proud mama of 5 sweet and loving kiddos. I’ve had all my births at home, though I didn’t have a doula until my 3rd was born. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The care I received, the support I got, and the added help before, during, and after my labor was a tremendous blessing. It was also highly beneficial because we have multiple children – the extra set of hands made my birth far more relaxing, smooth, and manageable. I felt like I was “on top of” the birth instead of playing catch up.

I became a doula because I want to help other women experience the care, love, support, and empowerment that I received. I want them to enjoy their births, not shy away from them. I want women to own their experience, and not simply be subject to the whims of the culture or the medical world. I want to empower you and help you accomplish your labor goals.

Partnering Together

If you’d like to talk further or set up a free 1-hour meet and greet, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to learn more about you and see how we can partner together for your birth.